Welcome to the Transformational Coaching Collective

For coaches and all others working to transform, heal, and spiritually uplift our world.

Inspiring the renewal and advancement of self and society

Welcome! The Transformational Coaching Collective (TCC) is the initiative of the Center for Transformational Coaching

It's been designed to help you connect with a global community and network of coaches and peers to support the work you do and the life you aspire to...all contained in a collaborative learning environment.

We bring together coaches and people with a passion for transformational work to experience, understand, and embrace the journey of awakening and transformation so that we can elevate and evolve: 

  • Our Presence - through embodying our most authentic Self and personal power,
  • Our Practices - through facilitating transformation and healing of consciousness,
  • Our Businesses - through serving humanity and our highest purpose for being.

Each month these come alive through conversation and activity centered around transformation and transformational coaching. When you become a member, you can begin participating right away, while meeting others from around the world on the same path as you.

A part of TCC's focus is also to support our members to create the business or practice that reflects our innermost gifts and passion; one that is an expression of our highest calling. The world in all its confusion today needs people who are confident and dedicated to fulfilling their sense of purpose, and who are enabling transformation and healing through coaching and other modalities.

Whether you call yourself a coach or not, this community is for you if you are drawn to the work of personal growth and inner transformation, both within yourself and with others.

Our Goal Is to...

  • connect you with other transformational coaches, facilitators, healers, leaders, teachers and ‘change agents’ who, like you, are serious about the transformative work we do with the people, organizations and communities we serve;

  • create a robust platform in which you can exchange ideas, explore innovative ways to bring your work and passion to life, and learn from each other;

  • help you find conversations on relevant topics, and as importantly…inspiration for your own transformation. As we grow into the future, you will have access to courses, masterminds, resources, tools and best practices;

  • connect you with a heart-centered, spiritually-grounded community of peers from around the world - we are truly global in our membership and our vision.

Our Inner Purpose...

It is our passion to motivate all people into their magnificent potential, and to promote coaching, healing, facilitation, teaching, dialogue, and collaboration as highly effective agents for lasting change and transformative growth.

Participants who join this network are motivated by an inner call to make a lasting difference in people’s lives, and in the communities and organizations they serve. Not just at the surface level, but at a core, essence level.

We are here for all those who aspire to do meaningful, purposeful work that is an extension of our gifts and passion, and supports the awakening and advancement of human consciousness.

We are a learning-focused, support network designed to bring together people, content, events and inspiration for the transformative work we do—all in one place.

Our passion is grounded in a commitment to enabling personal and societal transformation, and we are committed to fostering authentic connection and relationship with each other as we do.

What You'll Find Inside

If you are new to community networks outside social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, we offer the best of those worlds, yet without the distractions, promotions, and advertising.

When you join our 'private' network (meaning, no one from outside the community can see who you are or what you are posting), you automatically become a member of our global community. And just like in Facebook and LinkedIn, you set up a short personal profile and your Activity Feed pulls together into one place all the content of the various topics and conversations you are following or active in. 

The beauty of this mighty networking platform is that we can focus on our desire to better support the transformation, healing, spiritual growth and renewal of self and society. We stand in support of each other and life flourishing into its fullest potential, including our own lives.

Inside you will find a range of topics, groups, and events to get involved in. You can post, share, comment, search for people near you, send private messages, follow others and more.

You'll also be able to...

  • Meet people who share your interest and passion for this work, who are in the same field, and who care about the same topics

  • Share stories, experiences, best practices and ideas on a range of relevant subjects

  • Get insights you might not find on Google to your questions through cross-culture sharing and cross-pollination of ideas

  • Go in-depth on topics you care about most, find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and global perspectives each and every day

  • Receive inspiration and motivation from other members who are on the same path.

This platform is rich in possibilities. There is even is an app available for you to download (see below), making it easy to access our network and community from any device.

Ready to join us?

If what you have read here describes you, then you have landed right where you need to be (and that’s no coincidence).

*But before you push the Join button,* please give thought to these questions: 
  • Am I ready to commit to being in community? 
  • Am I ready to participate and engage? 
  • Do I have the time and energy to do so? 

We are open to and seeking those who can say Yes! to the questions, and who are ready to meet and engage regularly with other members who are living the shift that is taking place in our world, and who desire to support the transformation of individuals, organizations and communities through coaching, healing and many other modalities.

If that is you, and you are ready to make that commitment, join us!